What Kind Of Services Provided In Trekking in Nepal
Aug 24/2023 | Admin

In Nepal Himalaya, about 90 percent of trekking is tea house trekking. This means that every trekking route has an availability of lodges and food. Some well-known destinations are more facilitated than remote trekking routes.  However, every trekking route has minimum facilities for trekking.


At the tea house trekking food is provided by the teahouse. They formed the menu including pizza and pasta items, potato items, curry items, lentil and rice items, bread items, noodle items, meat items, egg items, momos, salad items, and many more.

Are you a vegetarian, Don’t worry.

Most of the food in the mountain is vegetarian and vegan as well. Many foods contain cheese and eggs. But you always have a choice for it. In High Mountain and remote areas, we recommend you to have non-meat items. In the mountains, you don’t have many choices for fruit except apples. Sometimes seasonal fruits can be available at the lower region of trekking.


There are two types of accommodation available in the mountain i.e. a room with shared toilets & bathroom and room with the private toilet & bathroom. In the lower part of trekking, you will find a room with a private toilet & bathroom and in the upper part and cold region you will have a room with a public toilet and bathroom.  It is possible to take a single room in every trekking trial. However, in the busy season, you probably share a room with your friends or other clients.

Shower and toiletries

It is possible to take a shower in the mountains during trekking. Most of the places have facilities for a hot shower. A hot shower might be payable. Above the elevation of 3000m shower should take to your health situation and conditions.

The towel, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other toiletries are not provided as a service in the hotel at mountain. However, they sell those items. Full squat toilet and half squat toilet found in Mountain. The toilets and bathroom are clean.


The beds and pillows are comfortable. Rooms and beds are clean. Blankets are provided for most of the trekking but not enough. It is always more convenient to carry your own sleeping bag to prevent yourself from cold.

Dining hall and Kitchen

There is a separate dining hall or table to have a meal. In many places, you are allowed to go to the kitchen, participate in cooking, and enjoy the nice chatting with the owner and workers.



The heater is provided in the dining hall in trekking. Some places have a fireplace and some have a kerosene stove for heating the dining hall. There is no heater inside a room in trekking. In some trekking places heater is free and in some places, they charge a minimum.

Telephone, internet, and Battery charge

Telephone and internet are mostly available in most of the trekking. Many trekking routes have electricity. So you can easily charge your accessories. However, some high-altitude and remote destinations have solar power which is very limited and only can be charged in the daytime. I always recommended you to carry an extra power bank or battery.

Extra services

Most trekking have pony/horse facilities in case you are tired or an emergency. Trekking routes have lots of souvenir shops, café, bars, bakery, and many other facilities. In case of emergency, it is possible to book Helicopter and rescue facilities as well.